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The Stainless Steel Travel Master® 2.0

SKU TravelMaster- 2.0

The TravelMaster® 2.0 is Greenstone Steel's flagship product providing consumers with an alternative to Glass.

Function Is Beauty. When people see how easily the Travel Master sets up and breaks down, you’ll pique their interest. Just show them how tight our tolerances are and how rugged the modular slip-fit design is and watch it sink in!

Stainless Steel smokes as clean as glass. People who understand this fact really get this design. It’s the easiest water pipe to clean in the world and it’s bulletproof. It’s simple to keep clean without any worries…

Greenstone Steel has always offered a Lifetime Warranty on the Travel Master and we’ve never had a single unit returned!


$11 VALUE FREE! Travel Master Magnetic Dab Tool, Poker & Lighter Kit perfect for travel. A cool new product never seen before for glass and metal pieces. Each Kit has everything needed to set up 2 separate Rigs!

  • Dab Tool on a Small to Medium Concentrate Rig
  • Poker & Lighter on a Medium to Large Flower Rig

Includes a hi-quality combination Dab Tool & Poker, 4 magnets and 3 food-grade silicone bands. All in a small clear tube with green and yellow vinyl caps. Comes with 60 pieces in 5 x 5 inch clear plastic pickle jar.