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The Neutralizer Road Kit



Want to hot box the car, but hate leaving your vehicle smelling fresh? The Neutralizer Road Kit is the solution for you!

The Road Kit will effectively neutralize a standard size SUV or Sedan. With the addition of natural accelerants, activation time is reduced to only 5 minutes! The Road Kit essential oil will last upto 45 days with 2 hours of use per day. (92 hours with 24/7 usage)

Introducing The Neutralizer Compact: The first electric odor eliminator that is 100% natural.

The Neutralizer works using Terpene Aromatherapy. This is when one set of terpenes are able to efficiently neutralize another set of terpenes upon interaction of the two.

So, unlike other products that produce an overpowering odour to mask the offending smell, Neutralizer has created a system where the aroma  produced is used to cancel out the other.

e.g. to eliminate the smell of product from a  grow room with guaranteed efficiency and without harming the plant in the same room.

The Neutralizer Essential Oils are composed exclusively of plants, fruits, flowers and herbs making the oils a completely natural product, and come to think of it, it is another plant, but in liquid format making these oils safe to use inside most any environment.

It takes 50 seconds to setup

• Twist the cartridge cap like you would a bottle of water.
• Insert the assembled cartridge into the Electronic Molecule Evaporator (EME) 
• Make sure the wick has not been damaged while inserting the bottle in the EME.

Positioning the Product is Key.


  • 1 x EME-320 Unit
    1 x Road Kit Cartridge (RKC-20 20 ml / 0.675 US fl oz)
    1 x Foam adapter to Place Inside Cupholder

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