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The Happy Kit- Dab Traveling Smoking Kit

Color: Grey


  • Happiness In a Kit
  • Smell proof/Shock proof/ Water resistant carrying case
  • 100 % Portable / Travel Friendly
  • Nectar Collector with Sleeve
  • Concentrate Sleeve and Case
  • Butane Torch Sleeve
  • Happiness To go
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.5" x 2.2"

Whats In The Box

  • Smell proof/Shock proof/ Water resistant carrying case
  • Nectar Collector
  • 2 X 5 ml Concentrate Container
  • Dab Tool
  • Butane Torch
  • Happiness.

    For hundreds of years, humans partook in smoking the holy herb. Then, we figured out how to do it better. We figured out how to concentrate the power and the experience a mind blowing way. Here at The Happy Kit, we like being up to date with the latest smoking trends. As such, the Happy Dab kit was a necessary invention, one which incorporates the very essence of happiness.

    DAB ANYWHERE ANYTIME! Dab on-the-go, at the Park, Beach, Roller Coaster, on the Moon with the all-new Happy Dab Kit! This sleek, virtually smell proof case is portable and gives you everything you need so start Dabbing

    Shockproof Case

    This sleek, hardshell, shockproof case, discreetly protects your dabbing gear from drops and bumps and ensures you are able to transport you dabbing tools with peace of mind.

     Nectar Collector

    In our opinion, one of the best things to happen to the word of dabbing. This device makes dabbing easy and discreet. No longer is there the need for a dab rig, this does the trick for you. 

    2 x 5ML Wax Containers

    We understand the importance of keeping your wax clean and fresh and know that one is simply not enough. That’s why we’ve included two wax containers, so you will always be well stocked with instant happiness.

    Dab Tool

    This nifty tool protects your hands and delivers the perfect amount of wax to your Nectar Collector.

    Butane Torch

    You’re living on the edge now. To dab properly, you need a proper heat source. Be Careful, with great happiness comes great responsibility.


    This is what we do. We know happiness, and this kit is guaranteed to deliver!