Original Blazy Susan Table Top Package

Save $9.01

Includes Both Silicone Inserts and Silicone Dab Pad along with 1-1/4 Papers and Dab Tool

Designed for not only the rollers and glass smokers but dabbers now too. This is truly the first rolling tray to really cater to all smoking methods.Versatile, sturdy and great for organizing all your smoking, dabbing and vaping essentials . 

The Blazy Susan cleans up your lifestyle, keeping all of your tools handy making the experience fun for everyone! Broken down into 3 areas, you’ll find spots to enhance your rolling skills, organize your dab tools, or fill some versatile lifestyle slots.


  • 1" & 1/4" Size Blazy Susan Pink Rolling 
  • Concentrate tool 
  • Ashtray Silicone Insert
  • Silicone Tool Insert


  • Built-in medical grade silicone oil slick. More new colors coming soon.
  • Built In Rolling Tray
  • Built In Dab Pad
  • Beautiful Inserts
  • Spins 360 Degrees Smoothly
  • Neatly Organizes Smoking, Concentrate & Vaping Accessories

Shipping & Manufacturing 

    Blazy Susan specialty wood products are made to order right here in the US. This can cause shipping to regularly reach about 1 week before arriving. All Blazy Susans and Rolling Trays come with a 2 year no hassle warranty and discrete packaging. 

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