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Levo 2 Oil Infuser for Dry Herb Extraction

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Color: Yellow


Creates Infused Oils & Butters
New Dry & Activate Settings
Unlocks Compounds Before Infusion
Power Pod Doubles Flavor, Aroma, & More
Ceramic-Coated Reservoir for Easy Removal
Smartphone App
No Aeration For Longer Shelf Life
Creates Up To 16 oz Infusions
Silicone Stirrer
Dishwasher-Safe Components

What's In The Box

1x Levo II Oil Infuser
1x Silicone Stirrer
1x Power Pod
1x Ceramic-Coated Reservoir

About The Product

Designed to streamline oil infusion, the LEVO 2 offers the same automated dry herb extraction of its predecessor but comes with new features and upgraded technology. Boasting three settings in one machine, the LEVO II now unlocks flavor, aroma, and more before infusion begins. An upgraded silicone stirrer gently mixes without aerating, ensuring longer shelf life. A slanted, ceramic-coated reservoir enables you to seamlessly wick out your infusions. Control your sessions via the LEVO app, going beyond infusion with the push of a button.