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Quiver Nail Kenai (14mm male nail)


Named after the Kenai Peninsula which juts from the coast of South-central Alaska. This is also the place where Quiver was born and raised so its pretty special!

The first Titanium nail is made of the highest quality commercially available Grade 1 titanium. Until now, "high quality" titanium nails have been made from Grade 2 titanium, a  less-pure material than Quiver's. Grade 1 is 99.36% pure titanium and contains roughly 30% fewer impurities. This means our nail is made of the healthiest, cleanest, tastiest material available. The flavor and terpene transfer is second to none.


  • Designed to work optimally when paired with the Denali Dabber/Carb Cap
  • Low Temp Specific Gr1 Titanium Nail
  • -14mm Male Nail
  • Always season a new nail before first use.
  • Always clean the dish of the nail following every individual use!