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Welcome to The Grown Depot

Im Dennis Ferrigno, Jr. Chairman & Co-Founder at Grown Depot, Inc. and I wanted to take a moment and introduce you all to our amazing Company and our Mission here on Earth. Have you ever wondered the reason why people shy away from buying toker products, tools and equipment?

When you think of buying these products, what comes to mind? 

Where do I go?

What do I buy?

Which products can I trust?

But you were probably thinking of something a little easier . . . right? Well, I hope so because we built it and we built it with love. 

The Grown Depot — The first of its kind, online toker product, tool and equipment depot that gives you everything you want. 

You'll find everything from commercial cultivation and home grow kits for your garden, to glass bongs, bowls and roll your own products, all available to you 24 hours a day and shipped right to your door.  For every item you'll find detailed product information, ratings and verified reviews so you can make informed purchases from the palm of your hand.

We did away with the hassle of navigating multiple sites for what you need when you need it.

No need for flipping through different websites with little to no product information and no need to worry about products that don’t work or that come from suspect sources. 

I welcome you to our brand of a one stop shop with quality products, equipment, tools and much much more. . .

A one stop shop that has a mission of driving growth in our communities and reducing opioid deaths in America.

A one stop shop that takes the time to carefully select product manufacturers and suppliers. 

A one stop shop that is plain and simple...


When The Grown Depot was founded in 2018, we had no idea how revolutionary this new “online smoke shop” would be for the industry. A toke product retailer thats focuses on social impact, excellent service and great products was unheard of, until now. 

With its launch, Grown Depot's social impact program is born. The program aims to help those inflicted with hard substance addictions and collects a portion of every sale that is then donated to recovery and homeless centers across America. The program empowers Grown Depot customers to make a difference in peoples lives while enjoying the products they love. 

Today, with a beautifully-designed web depot, a mission to drive growth in people, and thousands of products from more than 400 quality brands across the globe, we aspire to lead the way in the industry as one of the only philanthropic for-profit businesses in our sector. 

Thats the Grown Depot Difference.


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