Kush Kards Cannabis Greeting Card On Sale Fathers Day Holidays

Show Your Dad He's The Best Dad With Kush Kards

Kush Kards Cannabis Greeting Card On Sale Fathers Day Holidays


Last year I had spent several weeks trying to figure out what kind of card and, of course, gift that I should get for my father to celebrate Father’s Day with him. Back then, I had recently discovered KushKards, the official place to buy cannabis greeting cards and related items. A small pre-rolled CBD joint can be attached to each of their cards. It’s a cool way to give a card and gift at the same time, not just the usual gift card. The designs that they have are really fun and innovative. Having been a huge CBD advocate from the beginning, I really wanted to show my father how beneficial it could be. My father had heard about CBD, but wasn't very knowledgeable on the subject. So I decided it was about time that he experienced the amazing effects that CBD had to offer. I purchased some CBD herb and rolled him a nice fatty for Father’s Day. After receiving the card in the mail, I attached the pre-rolled monster that I had made and sealed it inside of a regular envelope, writing a simple ‘Dad’ in the center. Sunday morning, I went to church with the family as we’ve always done. After church, we went back home to eat. I cooked some burgers and hot-dogs on the grill for everyone, and they were delicious. Once we had finished eating, it was time for my father to receive his goodies. After opening a few, he came to my card. I told him to save mine for last, and he did. When he had finally opened everyone’s cards and gifts, again he was at mine. He opened the envelope and had a good laugh. He told me that as much as he appreciated it, his toking days were long gone. I then informed him about CBD and how the joint I had pre-rolled for him was completely safe and legal to enjoy. After a few minutes of questions and answers, I had convinced him. He removed the CBD joint from the KushKard and we lit it up and enjoyed a nice toke session on the back porch. Best Father’s Day ever! Here at Grown Depot, you can choose between two exclusive Father’s Day KushKards and get them just in time for that special day with your father. Don’t wait, buy one now!


Main Contributor: Brad Tacoronte 


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