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Percolators- What The Heck Is A Percolator?

Percolators- What The Heck Is A Percolator?


Whats the deal with water in a bong?

The main reason to smoke out of a glass bong is to make the process of consuming denser hits happen a bit more smoothly. The flavors are intensified and so is the effect. These puppies are meant for intermediate  and advanced level consumers. If you want more bang for your buck, and you can handle a dense bong rip then this is perfect for you. Smoke on.

What is a percolator or " perc ?"

Percolators are added glass accessories built into the water pipe or attached to the down-stem of the bong to increase the smoothness of your session. There are 10 types of percolators with each having its own purpose but all working towards the same goal. As an intermediate or advanced smoker, percolators are definitely recommended.

The Big 10

1. Inline Percolators

2. Tree Percolators

3. Matrix Percolators

4. Turbine Percolators

5. Fritted Disc Percolators

6. Shower Head Percs

7. Spiral Percolators

8. Faberge Egg Percs

9. Classic Down-stem Percs

10. Honeycomb Percolators 

What are some positives and negatives and why you should Perc up.

Smoking with a water filtrated bong can be very handy but a pain to clean. They do get dirty quick but you won’t have to worry if you have access to a bong cleaner. Though the cleaning process may be a struggle, the process of consuming feels a lot smoother; upping the experience of the session. No need for that 2 minute cough session when you simply add water to a good percolating bong. Have fun on your trip and make sure to check back on Grown Depot for more information and great products.


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