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More Than The Price - Why You Should Care Where You Buy From


The modern shopping experience is now unlike anything consumers have seen before in the history of the world.

Massive department stores used to dominate shopping markets with their massive stores and huge product depth and breadth. Then came the internet, and shoppers were provided more convenient means of shopping, being able to find almost any product available from the convenience of their homes.

Now, in 2018, more than 80% of consumers shop online according to Pew Research.

While that does not mean exclusively online (that would still be borderline impossible in today’s world), that is an extraordinarily high number. A study by KPMG shows that convenience and cost are without doubt the two biggest reasons why people shop online, and once they begin their online shopping adventures, those two things remain the most important factors in their store selection and product purchasing decisions.

But should they?

In an internet world flooded with stores selling anything under the sun, what differentiates the other? There is no brick & mortar store to fill your nostrils with smells or human sales associates to show you exactly what you’re looking for or introduce you to the best alternatives. In other words, website differentiation is very difficult to determine when comparing two competently-designed websites, like Walmart and Amazon. Prices might differentiate stores, but that might not always be the case. A bag of dog food from Petsmart might be $20 while Petco sells it for $18, but Petsmart might be able to deliver faster. So then you start weighing non-monetary costs against actual dollar values and next thing you know you’re faced with a miniature midlife crisis.

So what do we think you should do?

Well, look at what the companies stand for. What happens with your money once you hit purchase? Are your dollars going straight into the bank to grow that company’s profits and lead their path to military-grade imperial expansion with the insatiable desire for world domination? Or are they going to a company who cares more about its community and is devoted to give back? Acting like a Toms Life Water or even a Microsoft

This is the choice that you have to make, and it really is an important choice.

It shouldn’t be a hard decision to make, choosing the philanthropic place or their less charitable competitor. In times of division and tension, the best thing we can do as members of society is put our hands out to one another and offer help where we see it to be possible and practical, even if that just means changing where you shop. We will one day make the list of top philanthropic business's, it's the mission. 


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