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The Neutralizer Compact Kit As Seen High Times Magazine

How To Rid Smoke Odor In Close Quarters

The Neutralizer Compact Kit


Before I get into the details about this amazing product, let me tell you about an experience I had that accentuates just how great the Neutralizer Compact Kit is. It was the summer of 2018. I had a couple of good friends that were in college at Michigan State, and I decided to take a trip out there to visit them. The only problem was that they lived in a dorm room. And of course, the person living in the dorm room right next door was the RA. Murphy's Law, right? Regardless, I wasn't going to let that stop us.

Needless to say, the Neutralizer Compact Kit was our best friend that weekend. I had been using the Neutralizer Road Kit for almost a year at that point in time, and it had never failed me once. So before the trip, knowing that there were going to be very limited places to toke, I decided to go online and buy the Neutralizer Compact Kit. I made sure to make the purchase a few weeks ahead of time in order to ensure it would arrive in time for my trip. After receiving it, I couldn't help myself – I had to test it out. I followed the instructions and plugged it into the wall socket in my room at home, waiting the recommended hour before beginning the “test”. Afterwards, I started toking heavily in my room with a few buddies for the next several hours. Once we were done, we invited a couple of friends over that didn't toke. We didn't tell them anything about it, just that we were hanging out and that they should swing by for a bit and watch some shows with us, especially the newest addition to one of my favorite shows. Mind you, they don't toke, and it feels like sometimes they can smell the odor from a mile away.

So after waiting for a short while, our friends showed up and we all went into my room to watch the newest episode of, you probably guessed it, Game of Thrones. They couldn't smell a thing. As a matter of fact, they actually asked if we were planning on toking at all that night! Little did they know we had been doing just that for hours before, and had only stopped just five minutes before they showed up. I was more than happy with our “test” results. After a couple of weeks, it was time for me to make the trip to Michigan State. After a long drive with my good friend, the Neutralizer Road Kit, I finally arrived. I hadn't told my friends about the brand new Neutralizer Compact Kit, so I surprised them with it when I was unpacking my stuff. After plugging the device into the wall outlet in his dorm room and waiting an hour, we went to town. I kept it active all weekend and we never had a single issue.

Later that month, all of my buddies ended up buying all three of the kits that they have to offer, the Neutralizer Road Kit, the Neutralizer Compact Kit, and even the Neutralizer Pro Kit. To this day, they've all worked wonders. Pro tip though - just make sure you stay stocked up on the Neutralizer Road Kit cartridges and the Neutralizer Compact Kit cartridges, that way you don't find yourself out of luck with an unusable cartridge and no spare (been there, it's not cool). Just like the other kits, this device is based on Terpene Aromatherapy. The way this works is by the device releasing one set of terpenes that are able to efficiently neutralize another separate set of terpenes when those two terpene groups interact. Terpenes naturally repel predators and attract pollinators by numerous plants in the world.

Check out my blog about the Neutralizer Road Kit for more information about terpenoids, terpenes, terpene aromatherapy, and essential oils. The Neutralizer Compact Kit has a variety of excellent and exciting features. Not only is it efficient, clean, compact (the name says it all), and durable (up to six weeks of constant 24 hour use), it's also hypoallergenic, doesn't absorb into the surrounding environment, and has a coverage range of up to 525-700 cubic feet! That's a pretty great package. There's a fair amount of other devices out there that claim to do the exact same thing that the Neutralizer does, and just as well. Frankly, most of them don't. To be fair, some of them do work very well but through all of the ones that I have tried, I've found the Neutralizer to be the best odor neutralizing product that I've ever had the chance to use.

To top it all off, it's easily affordable to us tokers out there. It's already inexpensive, but in addition, the Grown Depot is offering a discount to anyone who makes a Neutralizer purchase before the end of July. I hope you decide to make this great purchase, it'll change the way you toke!!




Main Contributor: Brad Tacoronte


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