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How and Why To Keep Your Bong Clean

bong-cleaners-no-more-how-to-clean-my-waterpipe-bong-clean-bong-water-grown-depotBongs are an investment.

Smoking out of a bong has many advantages. They are easy to use, effective, and a good investment for people who are planning to use frequently. However, bongs are notoriously difficult to keep clean. With constant use, residue builds up on the inside and can cause many different problems. But, with the right equipment cleaning has never been easier!

So, why keep them clean?

Firstly, cleaning your piece helps maintain the flavor of the product. Without any residue inside the bong the flavor won’t have a dingy or burnt taste. Secondly, it’s unhealthy! Inhaling smoke through dirty water and a dirty piece is a great way to accidentally ingest a plethora of bacteria. According to a recent study has found that smoking out of dirty bong water can cause forms of pseudomonas! The best way to keep all of these issues from happening is to simply clean your glass! You clean you dishes after you use them so why not keep your smoking pieces just as clean?

A cleaning crash-course

Maintaining a clean bong is incredibly easy.

  • First, you have to remove the downstem from the bong. Lay the stem down where it won’t be able to roll around because they are easily breakable.
  • Next, get rid of the water. Replacing bong water on a regular basis is essential, most of the harmful bacteria grow in used and stagnant bong water.
  • Once the water is out, pour some approved cleaning solution into the piece and cover the mouth and the hole where the downstem was with some paper towel and start shaking.
  • After about 5 minutes of shaking the solution should have removed the residue from the inside of the bong. Finally, pour out the cleaner and rinse the bong with some clean water.
  • Next, put the downstem into a plastic bag with some glass cleaner. Seal the bag and shake. The downstem can get very dirty and is the most difficult piece to clean but don’t forget it! Once it is clean run some water through it to remove any residue, just like with the bong itself.
  • Replace the downstem into the bong
  • Once the bong is rinsed and put back together, put some fresh water in and enjoy!
  • If you still need help please check out this for a video!


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Main Contributor: Brad Tacoronte


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