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XVAPE premium dry herb and concentrate vaporizers

Have Your Heard of XVape?

XVape Vista Mini Smart Rig With Wireless Charging


Have you heard of XVape? If not, then you're missing out. They have so many great products for you to benefit from (if you know what I mean *wink*). Today, I'd like to talk about two of my new favorites, the XVape Aria and the XVape Vista Mini. Let's dive right in, my fellow Depot devotees. So with the XVape Aria, you can vaporize not only dry herb but concentrate as well, using the same device!! They include a variety of notable features that come with any and all XVape Aria products. They offer four different elegant skin patterns with beautiful leather finishes.

You are able to modify the temperature setting to be either Celsius or Fahrenheit as needed (depending on where you are doing the deed, or what you prefer). The device also comes with a built-in discrete scraping tool. With it's fully digital control, 100% completely isolated airflow, minimal 20 second heat up time, and dual cycle times (5 minutes to 10 minutes), this bad boy (or girl) is a winner. It offers a whole ceramic mouthpiece with actual industrial strength NIB magnets. I'm unsure how many of you are familiar with NIB magnets, but if you are then you know that they're actually really interesting.

I won't get into the finer details but NIB (Neodymium) magnets are the strongest type of magnets that are commercially available. That means you don't ever have to worry about losing that ever-needed mouthpiece! XVape also offers a 12 month warranty to top it all off, and the list goes on. I've been using this device for about two weeks and it has blown me away. Let me just say this... I've owned numerous dry herb and concentrate vaping devices throughout my life and the XVape Aria is by far is the most promising. With only the minor issue of the ceramic mouthpiece quickly getting very hot, for the price listed, it's a steal. I use it on the daily, and I'm sure you will too once you make this undeniably great purchase from the Grown Depot. Now, on to the XVape Vista Mini. This is for all of you dabbers out there (myself included). This is the perfect portable dab rig. Standing just under 5 inches tall, with a built-in LED light, wireless charging, and 3 different temperature settings, this device is top of the line. It also sports a detachable glass bubbler, ceramic chamber, and a glass carb cap. This device not only does the job right, it does it really well. I have multiple different rig setups and this one hangs with the best. It gives you very flavorful, terpy dabs. All in all, I would highly recommend both of these products to any and all consumers. Come check out all of our beauDABful products here on the Grown Depot, you won't be disappointed!




Main Contributor:  Brad Tacoronte


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